We firmly believe that we provide a unique value proposition to our clients.

Here are some reasons to engage us:

We are a small WA operated and owned start up with a proven mix of people and what we believe has the right attitude. Our small size ensures individual attention, our people ensure best outcomes.
Our people are our number one asset. We want our reputation to be our number two asset. If we believe that your requirements are best met by a technology mix that we do not offer or by skillsets that we do not possess, we are more than happy to recommend another consultancy rather than trying to mould your requirements.
In our solution/technology space, we have been there and done that. Our focus is not just numbers but long term existence in this competitive market through application of our knowledge.
Our small size and low overheads allow us to offer competetive pricing. Inspite of our size, we ensure an agile approach for all our projects using the Microsoft Solution Framework. Our server infrastructure is cloud based.
We believe in the KIS (keep it simple) principle. The right mix of processes and engineering required to hit the target is our focus. We recognise the fact that every problem has a number of possible solutions. Being business focused, we utilise the simplest possible solution by not over-engineering or using technology just for the sake of it.
We like to work in a transparent fashion so that it is a win win for us and our clients. Clearly defined requirements, simple solutions, effective project management, and continous feedback are the four cornerstones to every project we undertake.
Project size does not alter our approach or our attitude. Whether your business is mining, engineering, construction, finance, retail or consumer goods - chances are someone at espidi speaks your language. If not, we are very eager to start speaking it.