Join the E-Team

Tired of being treated as a commodity? Tired of annual reviews which only guarantee one thing - there will be another one next year?

Tired of Sales people who never get that using TDD will actually reduce the cost or why you need a requirements specification BEFORE you can provide an estimation or why 100 hours of effort does not change to 50 hours by putting in one more developer?

Do you go to "compulsory" company meetings and come back thinking "the sales pipeline is great, the gross profit increased, the world is saved, the poor are fed" - but when can I get the training that was supposed to happen two months ago?

Wish you had a say in who joins your company? Wish you had like minded people around ? Wish you could contribute more and be rewarded more?

Want to work for a company which believes that its people are its biggest asset?

If you answered yes to more than two of the questions then you will be happy working with us. Whether you are a fresher or a seasoned professional, if you think you are the best, then we will be honoured to have you work with us.

Espidi is a startup based in Perth, Australia. We specialise in Microsoft technologies with three key focus areas - SharePoint, CRM and Business Intelligence . We have a lot of faith in our people and their combined knowledge and intend on rapid expansion in the next two years. We encourage employees to work from home when they are not needed on site and provide premium laptops to every consultant.
  1. What is on offer

  2. Better than industry average salary.
    Up to 600 dollars a year towards medical insurance for all permanent staff.
    Structured, methodical approach to sales, delivery and support.
    No office, work on client site or work from your home office.
    Every permanent employee has a say in any new recruitment made in their area of work.
    Biannual review of personal goals.
    Performance based bonus.

If you think you fit the bill. Drop us a line and let’s talk.